Peer-Reviewed Publications

Johnston, A. M., Sheskin, M., & Keil, F. C. (2019). Learning the relevance of relevance and the trouble with truth: Evaluating explanatory relevance across childhood. Journal of Cognition and Development. PDF

Johnston, A. M., *Huang, Y., & Santos, L. R. (2018). Dogs do not demonstrate a human-like bias to defer to communicative cues. Learning & Behavior, 46(4), 449-461. PDF

Johnston, A. M., *Byrne, M., & Santos, L. R. (2018). What is unique about shared reality? Insights from a new comparison species. Current Opinion in Psychology, 23, 30-33. PDF

Johnston, A. M., Sheskin, M., Johnson, S. G. B., & Keil, F. C. (2018). Preferences for explanation generality develop early in biology, but not physics. Child Development, 89(4), 1110-1119PDF

Johnston, A. M., *Holden, P. C., & Santos, L. R. (2017). Exploring the evolutionary origins of overimitation: A comparison across domesticated and non-domesticated canids. Developmental Science, 20(4), e12460. PDF

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Johnston, A. M., Turrin, C., Watson, L., Arre, A. M., & Santos, L. R. (2017) Uncovering the origins of dog-human eye contact: Dingoes establish eye contact more than wolves, but less than dogs. Animal Behaviour, 133, 123-129. PDF

Johnston, A. M., Johnson, S. G. B., *Koven, M. L., & Keil, F. (2017). Little Bayesians or little Einsteins? Probability and explanatory virtue in children's inferences. Developmental Science, 20(6), e12483. PDF

Johnson, S. G. B., Johnston, A. M., *Koven, M. L., & Keil, F. C. (2017). Principles used to evaluate mathematical explanation. In Proceedings of the 39th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 612-617). PDF

Johnston, A. M., McAuliffe, K. & Santos, L. R. (2015). Another way to learn about teaching: What dogs can tell us about the evolution of pedagogy. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 38, e44. PDF

Johnston, A. M., Mills, C. M., & Landrum A. R. (2015). How do children weigh competence and benevolence when deciding whom to trust? Cognition, 144, 76-90. PDF

Johnston, A. M., Johnson, S. G. B, *Koven, M. L., & Keil, F. C. (2015). Probabilistic versus heuristic accounts of explanation in children: Evidence from a latent scope bias. In Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 2453-2458). PDF

Johnson, S. G. B., Johnston, A. M., *Toig, A. E., & Keil, F. C. (2014). Explanatory scope informs causal strength inferences. In Proceedings of the 36th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 2453-2458). PDF

Landrum, A. R., Mills, C. M., & Johnston, A. M. (2013). When do children trust the expert? Benevolence information influences children's trust more than expertise. Developmental Science, 16, 622-638. PDF

*Undergraduates I supervised

Book Reviews and Popular Press

Turrin, C., Johnston, A. M., & Santos, L., R. (2016). [Review of the book Dog Behaviour, Evolution, and Cognition, by Á. Miklósi]. Quarterly Review of Biology, 91, 88. PDF

Johnston, A. M. (2015, December 4). Getting inside the mind of a dog. Science Matters! Hartford Courant. PDF

Submitted Manuscripts

Johnston, A. M., Chang, L. W., & Santos, L. R. (submitted). Dogs (Canis familiaris) prioritize independent problem solving over looking back.

*Royka, A. L., Johnston, A. M., & Santos. L. R. (submitted). Metacognition across domestication: A comparison of dogs and dingoes.


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